In this episode, we finally deliver our footage from our time spent with Martin House Brewing Company during their first annual Riverside Shootout Homebrew Competition and the following brew day with the winners. Plus, Cody, David, and Adam tell us all about how Martin House got started and we even have some footage of the release party. The competition itself occurred in April of 2014 and then the winning brew day with The Other Baldwin Brothers was the following October. Then in November, they released their Riverside Shootout Series 1 release Robust Porter Aged on Spanish Cedar at a local favorite craft beer bar and restaurant, The Bearded Lady.


We’re already back around to the time of year when we first started filming these segments. As of this posting, Martin House just celebrated their second anniversary and the second annual Riverside Shootout is quickly approaching. Since we first started this episode we also dived into podcasting and we had Cody come in and further discuss the ideas behind the style bending Martin House brews on our sister podcast, Come and Brew It Radio. So, be sure to check it out for more info about Martin House and breaking out of the boundaries of BJCP Style Guidelines to create something new and interesting.


Thanks for watching this Come and Brew It special Brewery Feature episode. We hope you’ll come back for future installments along with checking out our new podcast series. And don’t worry, we’ll have more new stuff on video soon too! Both homebrewing, pro-brewing, and all that's related to those areas of subject matter. Because we now have a solid staff of individuals with a variety of knowledge to help.