There are many roads to brewing great beer at home. Some will start by brewing 5 gallon batches on the stove at home using kits from their LHBS such as our Texas Summer Ale. Some jump into the deep end and go with the all-grain method from the gate.

Ultimately though, many home brewers will at some point dream of having some type of automated shiny brew sculpture in their brewing den. The same applies here. At the point of conception of my single tier brewery I had scoured the interwebs looking, gawking, and visualizing what it was I would want my home brewery to be. In the end I knew a few things: I knew I wanted a single tier, which meant it would be pump driven. I wanted automated heat control and I wanted the ability to take the stand to onsite brew competitions. Ohh yeah, and it needed to be stout enough to eventually support 1 BBL brews!

So it began. I started to source the parts for this monster. Luckily, here at Texas Brewing Inc. we had almost everything I needed to complete this type of build. From the stainless steel fittings and the silicone tubing to the Chugger pumps and TBI kettles, I was able to make one stop and start checking things off my looooong list of materials. The added benefit of sourcing my parts at TBI is the wealth of knowledge the staff provided me before I joined them. And that's only continued since. Here at Texas Brewing many of us have built stands ranging from wooden 3-tier gravity sculptures, all the way to up to 1.5 BBL Pilot systems built for professional breweries.

Since completion, this stand has been featured and described in more detail on our Come and Brew It Podcast (Episode 10 - Derek and Pete's Brew Stand Build) (be sure to check the episode blog for more specific details on the stand and more pictures!) and has been responsible for some big brew days that you can read about in upcoming blogs. Currently, we are working on some new recipes that, once thoroughly tested, will be available for purchase either in store or on our website. Plus, if you have questions about building your own brew stand or are looking for materials to get your plan in action, stop in and talk with one of the staff. Our goal is to point you in the right direction. Until then, happy brewing!