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BJCP Secrets of the Grand Master

Come and Brew It Radio: Episode 132 -- Omega Jovaru Yeast Experiments and English Milds feat. BJCP Grandmaster II James Lallande

In this episode, we have our local BJCP Grand Master II back in studio with us to discuss the Jovaru Lithuanian Farmhouse yeast from Omega Yeast.

Come and Brew It Radio: Episode 106 - Style Hour: British Golden Ales and Dark Milds

In this episode, our resident Brit Nigel brought back a haul of beer brewed in England and we focus on the style of British Golden Ales and Milds. 

BJCP Secrets of the Grandmaster: The Overall Impression

There's one section of the BJCP scoresheet that often takes a change in the thought process to complete. That section is Overall Impression. In this installment of BJCP Secrets of the Grandmaster, James Lallande discusses the Overall Impression section and how to deliver the best comments for the brewer.

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