After you have brewed for a while and you finally decide that you are sick of the excruciating and painstaking process of bottling your homebrew. You will most likely take that step toward a kegging kit and the feeling that all problems are solved. But you won’t be there quite yet. Although you will jump for joy the first time you pull off a sweet draft of your own homebrew in the comfort of your own home,you will realize you have another problem. How do you get that sweet nectar of the gods to parties and friend's houses?


Well, that is where growlers come in! Growlers are a great way to package your beer for short term storage that is both cheep and simple to do. Plus, they’re easier to fill than a regular bottle, despite the occasional issue with foaming over. But you can find growler fillers here that will easily help with foaming issues. So, once you get those kegs, it’s time to start collecting growlers like these so you can start sharing!


However, there’s still something important to remember! While a growler is easy to use it is commonly forgotten after a night of debauchery. In our own experience at TBI, we often need beer to take on the road to various events at a moments notice. But when we reach for that growler to go fill it up, we realize we never cleaned it out. Then while we pour out the contents and try to keep gag reflexes to a minimum, we decide to forgo the cleaning and grab another new growler because, well, we’re usually in a hurry. Do that too often or forget to go back to that dirty growler, and before you know it, there’s a collection of growlers that have a plethora of funky bacteria and acetobacter that only the truest sour beer connoisseur could appreciate.


Dirty, nasty growlers bother us. So, we decided to give a new product a shot on our small, but nasty collection of dirty TBI Growlers. And that product is Craftmeister Growler Cleaning Tablets.





  1. Fill the growler with warm water.
  2. Add 1 tablet and let dissolve.
  3. Soak for 10 minutes.
  4. Empty growler and rinse thoroughly.
  5. Repeat if necessary. 

Tips for Heavy Soils:

  • Use 2 tablets.
  • Let Soak overnight, up to 24 hours.
  • Increase water temperature.


We decided that our growlers really needed the heavy soils treatment. So we dropped 2 tablets, filled up the growlers with hot water, and let them soak overnight. It was super easy and we were done in a flash. The next morning we poured out the contents and rinsed well. They came out completely clean with little effort or and no scrubbing.


While there may be similar products on the market that will do the same job, we have to give mad props for the ease of use with these perfectly measured out tablets. Because they did a fantastic job without leaving any off flavors or affecting the next beer! So next time you’re hitting up a bumping party and take a growler to go, do yourself a favor and drop a Craftmeister growler tab in the empty and fill it up with water once your done. Your gag reflex will thank you when you skip the stink of old beer and you’ll have a clean growler ready to go for the next time!


Prost! Stubby