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Come and Brew It Radio: Episode 132 -- Omega Jovaru Yeast Experiments and English Milds feat. BJCP Grandmaster II James Lallande

In this episode, we have our local BJCP Grand Master II back in studio with us to discuss the Jovaru Lithuanian Farmhouse yeast from Omega Yeast.

Food and Beer Pairing: The Basics

What goes better with a well made beer, other than perfectly paired food? Whether it's just a snack or an entire meal aimed to work with several beers, food pairing is an incredibly popular trend with breweries and homebrewers alike. Here starts a discussion of the basics. 

Just Keg It: Adding Keg Flavor Additions

In this installment of Just Keg It, we discuss how to change your beers by making additions to your keg. In our store, we’ve encountered numerous brewers who have never tried to add anything to a keg, whether it’s to improve a flavor, add something new, or even try to “fix” a beer that didn’t come out the way you wanted. 

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