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Final Gravity: Episode 2 -- Kveik vs Brett/Abbey Blend and Brandon's Beer Gone Wrong

In this episode, we discuss a Belgian pale style ale that was brewed with Kveik yeast received through a yeast exchange against the same beer fermented with strains of Brett and an Abbey ale yeast, then we go onto a Beer Gone Wrong that Brandon brought in from an impromptu brewday.

Final Gravity: Episode 1 - Belgian Golden Strong and Chocolate Hazelnut Porter

In this first episode of Final Gravity, we examine a Belgian Golden Strong and a Chocolate Hazelnut Porter.

Off-Flavors in Brewing: When Good Beer Goes Bad

Identifying off-flavors in your finished beer is the best way to conquer any flaws in your brewing process or fermentation to create a better beer. This article discusses the most common off-flavor flaws and possible reasons and solutions.

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