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Sankey Kegerator Kit

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Key Features

American Sankey Kegging Kit for Kegerators.
This kegerator kit is used for dispensing American commercial beer from a Sankey "D System" Keg. This set up includes everything you need to turn a fridge into a kegerator.

This kit includes:
Brand new Aluminum CO2 tank
Dual gauge CO2 regulator
Faucet, faucet handle and shank
Sanke keg coupler
All needed fittings, hose and clamps.

Note: You will need to either find a CO2 supplier to fill your tank or come into the Texas Brewing Inc store where we fill CO2 tanks up to 10 pound tanks.

Be careful when drilling holes through any fridge or freezer, as coolant lines can be found in the walls, and in very rare cases door of fridges and freezers.

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