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Black Powder Pepper Porter - Extract Beer Recipe Kit

Black Powder Pepper Porter - Extract Beer Recipe Kit

Product Review (submitted on October 26, 2017):
I've made this twice so far. It's great! This will stay in my regular rotation. It truly is best paired with steaks, bbq, and bold flavored foods!! I can't say that enough. The black pepper is mostly a lingering flavor on the back end, in the back of your palette. Not much aroma. And it's not spicy like a chili beer. I'm not a fan of spicy beer, that's why I tried the black pepper beer.

The second time I made this recipe, I tweaked it a little bit. I added 2gm of crushed paradise seed and 1/2 oz of anise seed. When compared to the regular recipe, the new additions really rounded out the flavor profile to be more robust. And there is now a very nice aroma and more flavor on the front end.

Either way this is really a solid recipe worth brewing!