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Small bet for big results! Review by Seth
Great yeast nutrient. I honestly feel that it helps starters and full batches kick off the fermentation with vigor. Inexpensive product that will last for a long time and give great results! (Posted on 2/13/2019)
Well worth it! Review by Nick
I added this to my beer for the first time this go. Man what a difference! The airlock was going good within a few hours and went strong the whole time. No off flavors at all. (Posted on 6/27/2017)
Keeping the yeast pampered Review by Gavin
Used this for the first time on my last brew. Used S-O5 so a pretty robust yeast. Fermentation took off resulting in big fat foamy krausen at 62F. This will be a SOP from now on. Very cheap added insurance to get a healthier fermentation. 1/2 tsp for a 5 gallon batch (Posted on 8/9/2016)
Why Brew Without it Review by James
Such a small investment to increase the potential of your yeast. I've had great results using this product. (Posted on 8/9/2016)

4 Item(s)

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