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Live Presentation and Q&A Schedule

Tuesday 3/24
Building a Yeast Starter

We will go over what you need, why a yeast starter is a good idea and the procedure. Q&A

Wednesday 3/25
Grain to Glass: Quick Turn Brews

Learn how to go from grain to glass quickly and what beers styles work best. Q&A

Thursday 3/26
Q&A with Resident Ninkasi Award Winner Jeff Poirot

Ask Jeff any questions you may have about brewing.

Friday 3/27
Making Hard Seltzer’s 

Q&A with our Master Seltzer Maker.

Monday 3/30
Kegging and Draft Setup

Q&A with some of our kegging experts. How to get started and other kegging and draft questions.

Wednesday 4/1
Brewing 101: Need a new hobby during quarantine? 

How to get started Q&A and learn about equipment and procedures to get started.

Thursday 4/2
Is my beer ok?

Fixing and addressing problems with your home-brew.

Friday 4/3
Homebrew Soda

Get the whole family involved with the hobby.

Monday 4/6
DIY Homebrew Builds

How to build mash tuns and home-brew DIY gadgets.

Tuesday 4/7
Making a beer kit your own.

How to make a beer kit or recipe your own. Using techniques to change a good beer into your own.