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 IREKS Pale Ale Malt 

Colour: 5 - 7 EBC 

Lovibond: 2,3 – 3,1 

Type of beer: all types of beer, 

Especially: Ale, Kölsch, Pilsner 

% of the grist: ≤ 100

Description / Application: 

Basic malt. Due to its slightly stronger colour in comparison to 

Pilsner Malt, this IREKS brewing malt gives the beers a more 

golden hue, such as is present in exponents of the Anglo-Saxon beers. 


IREKS Pale Ale Malt 

Standard specification: Method* 

Extract, dry matter 

> 80 

Moisture Content 

< 5 

Wort Colour 

5 - 7 

EBC units 

Saccharification Rate 

10 - 30 


Protein Content, dry matter 

10.5 – 12.0 

Soluble Nitrogen, dry matter 

680 - 800 

mg/100 g 

Kolbach Index 

38 - 44 

pH value 

5.70 - 5.90 


1.45 - 1.60 




> 80 


Additional Information

Free Shipping No
Tri Clamp Fitting Types No
Lovibond 0

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