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We strongly recommend adding an ice pack to your liquid yeast order. We are located in Texas and even in the "winter" here it is sometimes hot enough here to harm yeast during shipment.


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Wyeast 2633 Octoberfest Lager is a blend of lager strains picked to produce a rich, complex, full-bodied Oktoberfest style beer. Produces plenty of malt character and mouthfeel while being low in sulfer. 

Recommended Styles include Festbier, Marzen, Vienna Lager, Rauchbier, Baltic Porter. 

Flocculation: Low- Medium

Attenuation: 73-77

Temperature: 48-58

ABV: up to 9%

Additional Information

Yeast Format Liquid
Brand Wyeast
Yeast Origin Continental Europe
Yeast Type Lager
Average Attenuation 75

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