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Belle Saison is a Belgian Ale yeast strain perfect for making Saison-style beer. It has a quick start, and a very vigorous fermentation. In fact, fermentation can complete in as little as 5 days under optimal circumstances. Fruity aromas, as well as spicy and peppery notes are often created due to ester formation. As with many Belgian strains flocculation is low, and the finished product will often be cloudy. If you desire a clearer product cold crashing or fining agents such as isinglass can be used in secondary fermentation. Attenuation: High Flocculation: Low Temp Range : 59 - 95F Alcohol Tolerance: 15%

Additional Information

Yeast Format Dry
Brand No
Yeast Origin Belgium
Yeast Type Ale
Average Attenuation 77.5

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Customer Reviews

Great Saison Yeast! Review by David
I have used Lallemand Belle Saison Dry Yeast every time I brew a Saison and get great results. (Posted on 8/30/2018)
Easy and Fast Review by Cody
I am not a big Saison lover but with the Texas heat, it only makes sense to brew one. I tried brewing my first saison ever this summer with Belle Saison yeast and was blown away by the results. For someone who isnt particularly keen on Saisons in General, I was quite pleased and will be using this as a regular yeast for some quick easy beers. I had even pitched the re hydrated yeast at a bit too high of a temp (around 85f-90f) then let ferm temp drop 75f then rise again 85f it gave no off flavors or any trouble fermenting or carbing. A Great experience. I would recommend this for fans of belgian beers who are new to brewing. (Posted on 8/9/2016)
Awesome Yeast Review by Clarke
I am a huge fan of saisons and have never considered dry yeast before. I guess I had the stigma that liquid yeasts were superior in a yeast forward beer like a saison. I've brewed with Wyeast and WLP commercial saison strains and I've cultured bottle dregs from two different commercial saisons. All were good results but this yeast is the best.

I tried a saison with this yeast a few months ago and was blown away when I found out the brew was made with dry yeast. I took a stab at it and went from 1.060 down to 1.003 in under 2 weeks! I tested my hydrometer to make sure it was calibrated correctly in order to believe the 1.003 FG.

Great yeast, very very active. I pitched in the 65-69F range for 2 days then let it rise up to around 75-77F. Very pleased with how well this yeast performed and I will surely be using it again in the future. Great results at a lower price and much more convenient. (Posted on 8/9/2016)
The Flavors I was Hoping for Review by Matthew
I really enjoyed this yeast. I would recommend pitching and maintaining temps around 65 F for the first few days and then bringing up the temperature. If you let it start too warm, you might get some harsher alcohol notes. These are very slight, but enough to bug you if you are anal about your home brews haha. (Posted on 8/9/2016)

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