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Lovibond Range: 488 – 563
Weyermann Carafa Type III Special Dehusked - This unique dehusked roasted barley malt adds aroma, color and body with a mild, smooth flavor to dark beers. Removing the husk means Carafa® SPECIAL III can give you all the coloring and flavoring needed, without adding bitterness, astringency or tannins. This means you can brew very insanely dark beers that are still smooth and malty. Use this chocolate roasted malt in Salvator Bockbier, Stout, Porter, Alt, Bock, Schwarzbier (Black Lager).
Use 1 – 5% of the total malt content of a recipe.

Additional Information

Unit Type (eg: lbs) pound
Malt Type Roasted & Toasted
Origin Germany
Lovibond 470

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