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Lovibond: 2.1 – 2.5 Briess 6 Row is a light-colored base malt made from a blend of American 6-row barley varieties. 6-row barley has a much higher protein content and enzymatic power than 2-row barley. This malt is a good choice for recipes calling for large proportions of specialty malts, wheat malts, or adjuncts, which have little or no enzymatic power themselves. It's also great to use when matching historical beer styles from settings where 2-row barley was not widely available. Using high proportions of 6-row barley may necessitate the use of adjuncts or require protein rests in mashing.
Ounce to Pound  Conversion
1 Oz.  0.0625
2 Oz. 0.125
3 Oz. 0.1875
4 Oz.  0.25
5 Oz. 0.3125
6 Oz 0.375
7 Oz. 0.4375
8 Oz 0.5
9 Oz. 0.5625
10 Oz 0.625
11 Oz. 0.6875
12 Oz. 0.75
13 Oz. 0.8125
14 Oz. 0.875
15 Oz. 0.9375

Additional Information

Unit Type (eg: lbs) pound
Malt Type Base
Origin US/Canada
Lovibond 2.3

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Customer Reviews

Love it! Review by Royster B. Brewing
I use 6 row with flaked maize and Wyeast 2112 to make Pre-prohibition lagers. The flavor is outstanding! I do incorporate at times a betaGlucan rest and or a protein rest at 122° F to 124° F x 20 minutes and still will have a lite chill haze. I do not have a means to rest it in secondary at 34°F x 2 to 3 months to clarify nor have I tried using Beechwood to filter. I've also incorporated an acid rest and single or double decoction mashes. Still I have a hint of haze. But all said and done for friends and I that's all the clarity we need. Besides, protein is good for you. :-) Worth the effort and time. Oh the cream ale version is worth it's weight in gold too! (Posted on 4/19/2017)

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