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Staff Bios: 

Brenden "Stubby" Stubblefield


Background Info: 
Brenden is our owner and operator who aims to bring you everything you need for both in-store visits and online purchases. His vision is to continue to create a better source of supplies and information for all homebrewers and to help support the homebrewing and craft brewing community locally, regionally, and nationally by creating a one-stop shop for all your brewing needs.

Brenden started homebrewing after his first experience in a Microbiology class at Texas Tech University in 1993 and his passion for the craft has only grown since. These days he most often brews extract batches due to lack of time, but still tries to squeeze in as many all grain batches as he can on his single tier HERMS system. if not The Grainfather. If you're lucky, you might catch him brewing on a weekend up at the shop!

Favorite Styles to Brew:
English Bitters, German Lagers, and IPAs.

Multiple award winning brews at events such as The Bluebonnet Brewoff, Cactus Challenge, Alamo City Cerveza Fest, and O'Zapt competitions. Many of these award winning beers went on to become the base for our recipe kits!

Worst Brew Day Experience:
Two of his worst experiences were when he decided to pull a quick disconnect off of the open valve of his boil kettle with a full batch still boiling inside and ended up in the hospital, narrowly missing the need for surgery due to the burns. Always remember that long days can lead to accidents, brewers! His second worst experience was when TBI took a shot at a single large mash split into multiple batches to experiment. Over 200 pounds of grain were mashed and split into 10 different 10 gallon batches that were steeped with specialty grains to create multiple styles. While no one was hurt, it was a logistical nightmare and one of his longest brew days ever.

Favorite Store Bought Styles Were Someone to Bring Him a Gift (HintHint): 
Any English or German style beers we don't (or do) get in Texas.

Other Comments:
Texas Brewing Inc. was started to fill the gaps and make you the best brewer you can be. We're here for all your needs!