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New Complete Joy of Homebrew (4th Edition)

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The New Complete Joy of Home Brewing (4th Edition)
The New Complete Joy of Home Brewing (4th Edition) By Charlie Papazian Stouts, ales, lagers, porters, bitters, pilseners, specialtybeers, and meads. . .they're all remarkably easy to make! With The New Complete Joy of Home Brewing-- acclaimed by critics and amateur brewmeisters alike as the best and most authoritative guide on the market -- you can learn to make beer just the way you like it! And it's fun! Whether you prefer a richer, creamier head, a more flavorsome, full-bodied brew, or a sparkling, sweeter ale -- from the lightest lager to the darkest stout -- as a home brewer you can make them all and even keg your own like the beer masters of old! Simple, Easy-to-Follow Sections on: Getting your home brewery together: the basics -- malt, hops, yeast and water;10 easy lessons to making your first bubbling batch of beer; brewing exciting world-class styles of beer that will impress and delight your friends; using fruit, honey and herbs for a spicier, feistier brew; brewing with malt extracts for an unlimited range of strengths and flavors. . .and much, much more! Plus: A complete home brewer's glossary; a fascinating look at the history of beer; details about the advanced world of all-grain and mash extract brewing; growing your own hops; more than 50 fantastic recipes-from Cherry Fever Stout to Monkey's Paw Brown Ale. ISBN-10: 0380763664 ISBN-13: 978-0380763665

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