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First Steps In Yeast Culture, Part One

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First Steps in Yeast Culture, Part One
First Steps in Yeast Culture, Part One By Pierre Rajotte This is a step-by-step illustrated guide helps the home brewer learn the essentials of basic yeast culturing by focusing not only on proper lab procedures, but also on how to adapt those procedures to a home brewing set up. From the back cover: “More than a century ago the technique of pure yeast culture was first proposed. Tor the first time since then, a complete illustrated manual shows you in simple terms the basic manipulations. Instructions are detailed in such a way that even a person with no formal training in the field of yeast manipulation can become proficient.  Homebrewers following the demonstrated tips and techniques will attain a level of quality never before dreamed. / Those considering brewing on a commercial scale will be more likely to succeed if they master the techniques detailed in this book. “ ISBN-10: 2921327171 ISBN-13: 978-2921327176