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Staff Bios: 

Mikey Brown

Homebrew Consultant

Background Info: 
Mikey Brown is a paramedic and currently working in a children's hospital most days, at least when he isn't pursuing a nursing degree. You can usually find him at TBI during the week and the occasional weekend days. He's been brewing since 1997, starting with a couple college buddies. They started with extract batches and really enjoyed it, but of the three, he was the only one that continued the hobby. He made the move to all grain in 2010 and purchased a single tier stand from TBI in 2013. For more info about what Mikey has been up to recently, check out his FacebookTwitter, and Instagram (brewwithmikeyb) accounts.

Favorite Styles to Brew:
He doesn't have any particular style that he brews most because he enjoys trying his hand at all styles. He also enjoys pushing the limits with specialty ingredients and the new hop varieties that continue to come out.

Two of both second place and third place ribbons in the Cap and Hare’s Monthly Masterbrewer competition. 
2nd Place - Gose - O'zapfts 2013
3rd Place - Gratzer - O'Zapfts 2013
3rd Place - Light Lager - Helles - O'Zapfts 2014
2nd Place - Skittlebrau - Martin House Riverside Shootout 2015 (The Snozwangers brew team)
Brewer's Choice Food and Beer Pairing - Fig Bock, served with Chocolate bread pudding - Iron Mash 2015 (The Snozwangers brew team)
Brewer's Choice Best Beer - Fig Bock - Iron Mash 2015 (The Snozwangers brew team)
Brewer's Choice Overall Presentation (tie) - Iron Mash 2015 (The Snozwangers brew team)
3rd Place - Mango Gummy Bear Beer - Martin House Riverside Shootout 2016 (The Snozwangers brew team)
1st Place - HSV - Smoked Hatch Chili Helles - Rhymes and Vines - 2016 (with Scott Cromeens)
3rd Place - Specialty Beer - Skittlebrau - 2017 NHC 1st Round


Worst Brew Day Experience:
His happened a few years ago. He had to guess the timing of all the late hop additions after the laptop he uses to run timers was restarted. Why? Because it decided to run an update. To add insult to injury, he was using an immersion chiller at the time and the inlet hose melted against the brew kettle.To finish the brew he used duct tape and had liquid spraying everywhere. The end result was a pretty decent Special Bitter/English Pale Ale that was the birth of his “Epic Fail Ale."

What Are Your Favorite Store Bought Styles Were Someone to Bring You a Gift (HintHint): 
New Belgium La Folie, Rodenbach Grand Cru, Krombacher Pils, Rahr Summertime Wheat, Saint Arnold Summer Pils 

Other Comments:
He learned a while back that good brewers are always willing to share a technique, a hint, and even a good recipe.  So if you have questions, don't be afraid to ask.  Also, don't try to go crazy with your beers until you've got the basics down.  Learn how to brew a good solid classic style, then run with it.