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Full Bio: Jeremy Sanders


Staff Bios: 

Jeremy Sanders

Homebrew Consultant

Background Info: 
Like most homebrewers, Jeremy is involved in IT/Engineering as his day job. He first began homebrewing in 2010 with Mr. Beer Kits and the obession quickly grew to 5 gallon batches. He now brews on a 10 gallon two-tier wood stand. 

Favorite Styles to Brew:
German Ales, Lagers and anything light and sessionable

Peoples Choice Iron Mash 2014
1st place - Light Hybrid Beer - Bluebonnet Brew Off 2015
1st place - German Wheat - Limbo Challenge 2016
1st place - Munich Helles - Labor of Love 2016
2nd place - American Pale Ale - Labor of Love 2015
3rd place - Kolsch - Labor of Love 2016

Worst Brew Day Experience:
Stuck mash and transferring 20+ pounds of grain to another mash tun to have the same thing happen again. Can you say 12 hour brew day?

What Are Your Favorite Store Bought Styles Were Someone to Bring You a Gift (HintHint): 
Saisons, Pilsners, and session beers!




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