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Staff Bios: Jerrod Womack

Background Info:
Jerrod (aka J-Roid) has loved beer and beer related events since, well, he can't really remember. It's just too fuzzy. But he loves that beer stuff! In fact, he's spent time working in packaging at Deep Ellum Brewing and been a member of the Cap and Hare Homebrew club for years. He's been brewing since about 2006 and he though he started at TBI in 2014, he's become and integral part of the team. And when he's brewing at home, he says that it's usually partially drunk and half naked on an incomplete Brutus 2.0 top tier system. He described it as similar to the Death Star, operational but not complete. And yes, he does worry about whether the rebels will try to destroy it...

Favorite Styles to Brew:
Anything! He's game for whatever and he's happy to brew with others as often as he can.

A prize for a pinewood derby car when he was a Boyscout.

Worst Brew Day Experience:
You don't want to know. Or well, actually the list is too long for him to describe at this time. But, experience is a good teacher!

What Are Your Favorite Store Bought Styles Were Someone to Bring You a Gift (HintHint):
Jerrod is a self-proclaimed Real Ale Hans Pils and Ska Brewing Mexican Logger whore. He'll take them anytime, anywhere.

Other Comments:
Brew with others to learn. Find someone else who has been brewing longer than you or brewing better beers than you and learn from them. Be it through a club, an event, or randomly accosting people who look like brewers on the streets. Do what works and get better.


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