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Full Bio: Brandon Martin


Staff Bios: 

Brandon Martin

Former Homebrew Consultant/Regular Come and Brew It Radio Contributor

Background Info: 
Brandon got into craft beer in 1994 when he discovered beers like Samuel Adams and Pete's Wicked that had flavor rather than the standard American light lagers. His first words to his wife when they met were "Hi, I'm Brandon, do you want a beer?" He started brewing in the early 2000's for a year or so and moved to all grain after his first two extract batches. He started brewing again in 2010 after moving to Texas from California. He started with extract again, and once I made the switch to all grain, he never went back. To Brandon brewing is all about taking a bag of grain and making beer out of it.

Favorite Styles to Brew: 
English and Belgian styles as well as IPA's and Pale Ales

Second place in Cap and Hare Masterbrewer 2014, a couple second and first place medals, His smoked pupmkin ale was brewed and sold commercially by Victory Art Brews in Moscow, Russia

Worst Brew Day Experience: 
Stuck mash - once it happens, you will do everything you can to keep it from happening again.

What Are Your Favorite Store Bought Styles Were Someone to Bring You a Gift (HintHint): 
Stubby's IPA, Balck Pepper Porter, TBI Summer Ale

Other Comments:
You will have to listen to the show to know.