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Full Bio: Austin Jones

Staff Bios: 

Austin Jones

Store Manager/Buyer

Background Info: 
Austin has been brewing since 2006, with 6 of those years as a professional brewer at Rahr and Sons and Zio Carlo's Magnolia Brewpub. Before that he was an avid homebrewer and after a number of years without homebrewing, he's returned to the hobby and joined the Texas Brewing Inc. team as a full time commercial brewing consultant and director of operations. If you have a question about brewing either big or small, Austin can help you!

Favorite Styles to Brew:
Most of them. However, he is a fan of a good balanced beer.

Silver medal - Great American Beer Fest (GABF)

Worst Brew Day Experience:
He once accidentally removed the tri-clamp behind a valve on a full 100 BBL tank at the end of an 18 hour day. Luckily, he was able to quickly put it back in place.

Favorite Store Bought Styles Were Someone to Bring Him a Gift (HintHint): 
Krombacher Pilsner, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, a good sour, and almost any beer with balanced flavor, Modelo.

Other Comments:
Coming back to homebrewing after his time away as a professional brewer at Rahr and Sons and Zio Carlo's, Austin has had the chance to start from the basic and work forward again. His advice to any brewer is to take your time and not rush ahead. Instead, take your time and enjoy trying new things and upgrading equipment and processes over time.