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Staff Bios: 

Adam Blackard

Homebrew Consultant

Background Info: 
Adam is a metalhead with a love of all things nerdy. From D&D to computer gaming. He was recently married and does tech support as his main gig. He has been brewing for about 4 years now. He was first introdcued to homebrewing through a friend's father's Mr Beer kits, which got him interested in 1-gallon batches. He then went onto larger batches with a brewer friend from Austin, TX, which started his addiction to brewing. Extract brewing quickly turned into all-grain and regular beers into sours over time. Especially after the time Adam spent volunteering at Jester King. He now brews on a plug and play 10 gallon E-Rims mash tun with a single chugger pump and a gas fire boil.  

Favorite Styles to Brew: 
A big fan of Belgian and Sour beers, but much less of a fan of super hoppy brews.

2nd place American Wild Ale, Bluebonnet Brew Off 2016

Worst Brew Day Experience:
While brewing a Hefeweizen, he once forgot to add the rice hulls. Which resulted in him having to spilt the wort and move to a brew in the bag method to finish the brew. 

What Are Your Favorite Store Bought Styles Were Someone to Bring You a Gift (HintHint): 
Hops & Grain: The One They Call Zoe and Liefman Cuvee Brut. Whatever else you feel you need to share.

Other Comments:
If it looks infected let it ride and taste it. You might find out you made a fantastic beer.