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2" Tri Clamp Rims Tube

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Key Features

2" Tri Clamp (TC) Rims Tube

2" Tri Clamp Rims Tube is designed to help maintain a constant mash temperature and provide the ability to step mash and raise temps to mash out. This RIMS Tube uses Tri Clamp or Tri Clover type fittings which make it easier to disassemble and clean after each brew. Overall length of the RIMS tube is 16"  which makes it compatible with most heater elements.

You will need a water heater element and temperature controller. You will also require a pump to keep wort flowing over the element.


Using this product requires the use of electricity. All work should be done by a licensed electrician.
If Improperly used, dangerous pressure can quickly build in the tube resulting in an explosion of boiling liquid.