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CO2 Fills

CO2 Fills are temporarily only available for Curbside Pickup by pre-purchasing your fill here.

We DO fill CO2 tanks!

We get the question all the time and the answer is YES! Why? Because seriously, you don't want to take your nice shiny CO2 tank to an Industrial Gas Supply where you have to swap it for some dirty old tank, right? That IS what will most likely happen. Those companies trade bottles. So instead, bring it to us! We can now fill CO2 tanks up to 20 pounds in just minutes--all for $2.99/pound!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your tank MUST be tested and up to date! CO2 tanks must have a hydrostatic test completed every 5 years to ensure they can safely hold pressure. The date of this test is stamped into the top of the cylinder. This means the stamp on your tank must be up-to-date. WE CANNOT AND WILL NOT FILL OUT OF DATE TANKS. This only results in a hefty fine for us and a dangerous situation for you if you have a faulty tank. Also, we do not perform the hydrostatic testing at Texas Brewing Inc., but we can suggest a few local options for testing. When the out of date tank has that new stamped date, we will be happy to fill it for you.

Here is an example of the location of the date on a tank:

CO2 Tank Hydrostatic Testing Date

In this example, the tank can be filled until August 2022, at which point it needs to be hydrostatically tested again. When the test is complete the tank will be stamped with a new date.

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