Since our last episode, a pipe burst in the ceiling of our studio and so for this episode we ended up on location at the Rahr and Sons Brewery. They were gracious enough to give us the space and so we wanted to take advantage of our location and aim our show at a discussion of yeast handling and health with professional yeast wrangler, Nick Bigham, the Lab Manager for Rahr.

Nick has been instrumental in helping Rahr get the best out of their fermentations, which means getting better beer on the shelves for all of you. If you are familiar with their beers, they've only improved over the years and having a lab in-house really boosted their quality control capabilities. And what else helped boost up their beer, their brewers. So, for this episode we also have Lead Brewer and Barrelmaster for Rahr, Austin Heisch, sitting in to help us in our discussion. Austin was a homebrewer who went pro and can comment on both sides of the coin.

We've gone over it before and we will again--happy yeast make better beer. Which means that you need to put as much into your yeast handling practices as you do your recipe and equipment. Without those happy little organisms, none of that will matter because you will continue having less than stellar results. Dry yeast is easy and thought growing in selection, still somewhat limited in variety. Liquid yeast on the other hand is a bit more complicated, but you have a broader selection of flavors and yeast that's ready to go as you pitch. So, listen in as Nick and Austin help us cover some of the best practices so you can brew better beer! 

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