Hey all, good to see you back! I recently decided that I needed a better solution for serving the kegs in my camperator (see my previous blog for the build). In my original build I was using a Mobile CO2 Charger that used little 16 gram disposable cartridges to push the beer. While these are great if you are serving from one or two kegs for a day or two, it was not working great for serving three kegs over multiple weekends at our campsite. So, I decided to put a little work in and built a new CO2 rig just for the camperator. What I wanted to do was have the ability to serve entire kegs and control the pressure I was serving at, but I knew I didn't have the room for a 5lb CO2 tank and I wanted my part to be interchangeable with my normal home setup so the Camperator rig could be a backup if I needed it. I already had an extra CO2 regulator in my parts bin, so that part was easy, but finding a smaller Co2 tank was hard and/or expensive. Instead, I found an adapter for a paintball tank to fit to a standard regulator and picked up a 24oz paintball tank from my local sporting goods store.

Note: Most CO2 is filled from food safe sources, however, not all CO2 is rated as food safe. As a precaution, be sure to check for the certification. Chris picked up this tank at Academy Sports, which lists their tanks of CO2 as food safe. 

Everything else I got at Texas Brewing Inc:

6 feet of red gas hose, 2 x 5/16 stainless barbed tees,  10 x 15.7 Oetiker clamps, 1 pair of Oetiker pliers, 3 x 1/4 to 5/16 swivel nuts, and 3 x gas ball lock disconnects.

Assembly was easy and quick, I laid out the hose after attaching it to the regulator and cut to add in the tees. Alternatively, you could use a manifold instead of the tees, but I liked the flexibility that using the tees gave me for running the hose inside the Camperator. Once the first tee was in I ran one leg to the first nut and ran the other leg to the second tee, which then ran its two legs to the other two swivel nuts. I attached all the swivel nuts to the disconnects and test fitted everything to the kegs. Fit like a dream.

The tank sits right inside next to the upper keg, or can rest on top of them.  And because I was doing the work I figured I’d just add a little something extra--A bottle opener. Because you can never have too many around!

--Chris Crowley
Homebrew Consultant, Come and Brew It Radio Host, Lover of Renaissance Fest Campouts