In this episode, we hit up some more discussion of basics with our first Yeast-o-Rama segment, where we discuss the characteristics of several different yeasts. Tonight’s yeasts include American, English, Belgian, and German strains. Then we continue our Belgian style coverage with BJCP category 24A, Belgian Witbier. Blue Moon wants to claim to be one, but if you want to try the real deal, look into our Whitetail Wit kit or pick up a six pack of Celis or Hoegaarden. You’ll get the refreshing character you’re supposed to get with a beer that's much more to style. 

First off, we wanted to come at you with something along the lines of our Hop-o-Rama segments, but which instead focuses on yeast. To start off we thought we'd hit some known and popular styles with Wyeast American Ale II (1272), White Labs English Ale (002), Fermentis Safale K-97 (German Ale), and Mangrove Jack M29 French Saison. So two liquid and two dry, all fairly familiar to most homebrewers. Hopefully we can cover a broad range as we move forward and give everyone a few details about what's available to you.

Then we hit up a variety of witbiers and discuss the general characteristics of the style. It was a style that was almost lost to history, but luckily it stuck around and has become a great base beer for a variety of inspiration. Give it a shot with our Whitetail Wit kits!

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