In this episode, we welcome our friend Brandon Martin to sit in with us as we discuss the steps, stages, and gear changes you need to move from extract brewer to all grain brewer. Or at least get the discussion started because it's a large area to cover and we are sure to have further episodes covering AG territory.

Brandon is a devout homebrewer and certified BJCP judge who has a special interest in helping brewers make that transition from basic to advanced. And you already know we all want you to be a better brewer. There are many common and uncommon opinions on the subject, so hopefully we can help you make some decisions if you've been thinking about it. And if you haven't been thinking about it, then maybe it's the time and place to start.

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Get started now!

10 gal TBI Stainless Brew Kettle Assembly

10 gal Stainless Brew Kettle False Bottom


10 gal Cooler Mash Tun C

hugger Pump

Temperature Control

And we'll have new TBI kettles coming in this June, so watch for them!

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