In this episode, we start off discussing what happens when you’re mashing in for an all grain batch. We had some listener questions about running through the whole process and we wanted to answer those questions and take a few more from one of our Patreon Patrons, Will Kimmins. There are several steps between when you make your water calculations through to the final steps of lautering and getting your wort boiling and we often find that people feel most explanations aren't as focused on all the details they want to hear and they end up with questions about the mash and getting the best results, so here we dive in.

In our second half, we discuss the effect on IBUs and bitterness from dry hopping and what we've noticed from our experiences. Dry hopping and late hop additions at lower temps post-boil don't isomerize, but there is oxidation and that's where you're getting a difference in bitterness compounds (humulinones and hulupones). Then we get into some discussion about our experience with IREKs malt up to this point. We'll have it in store soon!

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