In this episode, we continue some Back to Basics coverage of listener requested information and some stuff we wanted to go over again in general. Here we started with full boil versus partial boil and considerations for buying the gear you need to go from extract to all grain on a normal homebrewer budget. Afterward, we sampled and discussed a few more beers that our resident British ex-pat brought back from his most recent trip home. Plus, to help us discuss the topics of this episode and do some sampling, we had our friend Kevin Lane in studio with us. If you’ll remember, Kevin is the technical sales manager of the United States and Canada for Fermentis and a former professional brewer who comes from a brewing family. And he likes beer.

If you are an extract brewer, you very likely started your brewing using a partial boil because it makes for a faster brew day and allows for you to use less gear. Including the ability to chill the wort by adding back cold bottled water. But it can also over caramelize the extract that is already a condensed version of the sugars. This could lead to less fermentable wort and a few issues with your hop utilization. However, a full volume boil allows for you to use the full volume of water from the beginning, boiling down from a larger amount to the final volume you are aiming for. It requires more equipment, like a larger kettle and a better way to chill the final wort, but you get better results with your hop utilization and there are no worries about diluting or undershooting you water versus sugar amounts. 

Plus, we go over the options you can consider for buying new gear and combining new gear to get the better results you are looking for. For example, the best place to start is going to be a larger kettle for larger batches. Then you can move from that point to a mash tun of some sort, like a cooler or a full kettle with false bottom. And finally, our favorite way to move to all grain, The Grainfather.

Finally, Nigel was back in studio with 10+ beers from back home that he was gracious enough to share with us. We had a variety including a few surprise entries and several versions of American styles like IPA brewed over there. For his last beer haul, check out Episode 22.

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