In this episode, we discuss our favorite new shop toy, The Grainfather, an electric all-in-one all-grain system. It allows you to mash, recirculate, mash-out, sparge, boil, and chill your wort, all in one 5 to 6 gallon system. Several of us have had a chance to try out the Grainfather at home and we’ve been using it regularly at the shop to brew test batches and kit samples. Plus, it’s also being used for experimental batches at local breweries AND we have a growing number of customers who have bought one for themselves after seeing it in action. Tonight we invited one of those customers--Eric Tomme--into the studio to lend a hand as we discuss the details and the pros and cons of the system. 

This system was developed and has become widely used in New Zealand and Australia. From there, usage has spread world wide because of its size and capabilities. Not only does it take up a minimal amount of space, it also allows for incredibly easy step-mashing and efficiency boosting recirculation. It's just about perfect if you want to minimize the amount of equipment you use for brewing. Because let's face it, a 3-vessel system made up of 15 gallon kettles takes up quite a bit of space. And with the Grainfather, it's all in one. Plus, it has a few peripheral components that add even more value. Those include the Sparge Water Heater and even an Alembic pot still attachment. 

Also, be sure to check out Eric's band-with-a-cause, The Boobles

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