In this episode, we have John Bergher the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Store It Cold, LLC in the studio with us to discuss the innovative temperature controller they created. It’s called the CoolBot and it uses a simple window unit type of air conditioner to help you create your own walk-in cooler out of just about any insulated room. We recently received the CoolBot in store and wanted John to come and tell us about the device, its inspiration, and some of the many uses people have found for it. 

Right out of the box, the CoolBot is an easy solution to everyone who has issues with storing their finished or fermented products. But since most of us can't afford a $10k walk-in system, we need another solution. And for a minimal price in comparison, this new controller is the answer to your brewing cooler dreams.  

Plus, in the second half of the show we sample a series of Kolsches to discuss the differences between the yeasts. Like before, we used the Kolsch recipe from Brewing Classic Styles and split that out between five different yeasts, including an odd choice to find out how it affected the flavor of the recipe. You might be surprised by the results!

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