In this episode, we have the folks behind the Best Little Brew Fest in Texas back in studio just a week after the 2016 festival to update us on how this year went and tell us about the future of the festival. If you have been listening regularly, we last spoke to them in episode 12 when they introduced us to what the festival is all about. Then, later in the show, we hope they can stick around to sample and discuss German wheat beers. The dominant characteristics and some approaches to brewing them. We’ve had a recent set of awards for our Sam Houston Hefeweizen recipe and felt like it was time to pay some tribute.


If you haven't been out to the Best Little Brew Fest in Texas, then you have been missing out on a great event that also results in charity reward for those in need. It may be during a hot time of year and we may not be able to convince them to change it, but it's definitely worth your time!


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