In this episode, we bring you another installment about the craft retail perspective by having Cristall Heisch in studio with us to tell us about her place at the corner of 5th Ave. and W. Magnolia Ave., The Sleepy Panther Bottle Shop. She opened her small corner store earlier in 2016 with a complete focus on craft beer, mead, and cider, allowing her to share her passion for both beverages AND stay open on Sundays! Plus, she offers the option of having your beer ready to go when you’re in a hurry OR she can order that bottle you’ve been looking for. At least as long as it’s available in Texas.   Above and beyond that, Cristall has been involved in the distribution side and has been a long time supporter of both craft beer and homebrew, including being a long time member of our local homebrew club Cap and Hare. Which makes her experience so far a great new perspective for our craft retail series.   We hope y’all enjoy and be sure to visit her shop at 1208 Magnolia Ave. to check it out when you're in the Southside area of Funkytown! Thanks for listening! Be sure to share with your friends and please rate and review our episodes on iTunes and Stitcher. Plus, send us your ideas and comments to We love to hear from you!


Cristall Heisch, owner of The Sleepy Panther Bottle Shop.
Cristall Heisch of The Sleepy Panther Bottle Shop.