In this episode, we go back into sour beer territory to discuss some of the errors we had in our first Sour Beer 101 episode and also expand upon those things by interviewing James Howat of the Former Future Brewing Co. and Black Project Spontaneous Ales in Denver. Afterward, we’ll also be calling up Dan Pixley of the Milk the Funk user group, who can tell us about his experience with that group so far and also help us discuss sour fermentations.

The first time around we made some mistakes in our excitement about the topic and weren't completely accurate about some of what we said due to confusion from too many samples and the vast amount of information related to sours. So, we hope you enjoy this followup episode aimed at corrections and moving forward with information related to sour fermentation. We were accurate about much of what we talked about in 101, but in 102 we clear up any inaccuracies and move further into the mystery of the sour, discussing both quick and slow methods.
Also, remember that when you’re ready, you can always find all the ingredients you’d need for sour beer recipes at Texas Brewing Inc., including a variety of bacteria and yeast blends.
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Be sure to check into James' Black Project Spontaneous and Wild Ales and Former Future Brewing Company any time you are in Denver. Also, if you haven't had a chance to check out Milk the Funk for sour info, you've been missing out!
Sour Beer Resources:

  • Milk the Funk -- A forum and user group dedicated to souring beer and experimenting with souring bacteria.
  • The Mad Fermentationist -- The author of American Sour Beers, Michael Tonsmiere, continues the blog that was the origin of the book. A great set of experiments and discussions of what creates a sour beer.
  • The Brettanomyces Project -- A website based on Chad Yakobson's dissertation on the king of wild yeasts. This project was the origination of his famous and successful brewery, The Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project.
  • Embrace the Funk -- The great blog about wild and sour beer fermentations that started the MTF group.
  • American Sour Beers -- A great book that covers all sours, with a focus on American wild ales and homebrewing sours.
  • Brewing Classic Styles -- A great book for learning to brew all BJCP styles, with a section on Lambic, Gueze, Flanders Red, Oude Bruin, and more.
  • A good bacteria source -- Check out our current variety of wild yeast and bacteria isolates and blends from Wyeast, White Labs, and GigaYeast here.
  • Sampling! Go out and find a variety of sour styles from your nearest and craft beer store. Talk to their beer expert and have them pull a series that focuses on a specific characteristic or a variety of characteristics.