In this first (of hopefully many) Holidaze Specials, we wanted to give you something special sauce special, so we dive into discussion about the time of year when brewers get all the best new toys AND get to drink the best of homebrew and commercial beers with good friends and family. Plus, we enjoy some tasty beverages Brandon brought in from Tallgrass Brewing out of Kansas and freshly bottled Bourbon Barrel Aged Winter Warmer from Rahr and Sons courtesy of Rahr Brewer Austin Heisch. He came to sit in with his wife Cristall and we had a great time talking brewing gear and Christmas wish lists.

The core of this episode is about how it's the best time of year for grabbing those expensive and/or large brewing items that you’ve been drooling over at great discounts. So, make sure you’re exact when you tell those people you want that heavy duty 15 gallon TBI kettle and banjo burner, with that 50 foot ½ inch coiled immersion chiller from Coldbreak Brewing. Or, if your homebrewer-to-regular-joe translation fails, that $200 gift certificate from Texas Brewing Inc. 


We hope you have a great Christmas and find all the homebrew gear you've been drooling for under the tree this year!


Thanks for listening! Prost!