In this episode, we’ll continue our discussion of the restructured 2015 BJCP guidelines with the help of our local expert and Grand Master BJCP judge James Lallande and certified BJCP judge Brandon Martin so we can sort through the changes and hopefully help your understanding as well as our own. They’ve revised the categories, added styles, and divided other styles out, so there was plenty to discuss!


In a previous episode, James came in to specifically discuss the BJCP and we covered the organization itself along with introducing judging concepts for those of you unfamiliar with how BJCP beer judging works. This time, we begin what will surely be a multi-episode discussion of the extensive changes, why the guidelines were changed, and of course, the many new styles and style categories.


In the end segment of this episode we also go over some of the new American IPA styles of category 21B Specialty IPA, like white, black, red, rye, and Session IPA, like our High Noon Session IPA. The changes give you much more room to work in these styles and James has some great comments on how to approach these new categories.


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