Episode 17 is all about the regular and imperial version of the standard English and American IPA. We cover some of the history and dive into some of the things you need to think about during recipe development to hit those target flavors you’re looking for in all three versions.

We're all lovers of a great hoppy masterpiece, but do you really know how to create something like that at home? You have probably made a few attempts and things didn't come out as you expected or maybe you were just shy of hitting that perfect version, but you weren't quite sure how to get to that next level. We hope that this discussion can help you find the solution to that problem or at least give you a few things to think about for your next attempt.

The new 2015 BJCP style guidelines have definitely changed up the categories for these styles and we want to help you recognize a few of the differences between each of them based on those guidelines and our own experiences.

We also had the guys from the Brew Styles podcast stop in to hang out for a while.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening! And if you want to try a few good American IPA examples, check out our Stubby's IPA, Amarillo IPA, Derek's Horseshoe Bender, and High Noon Session IPA recipe kits!

Gigayeast Vermont IPA GY054 Yeast Test Recipe:

6 Gallon All Grain @ ~70% efficiency Mash @ 152-152 Est. OG: 1.079 Est. FG: 1.012


10 lbs-----Maris Otter

6 lbs-------2-row or Avangard Pale

8 oz-------Caravienne

1 lb--------Turbinado sugar

1.50 oz---Simcoe (13%AA) @ 30 mins

1.50 oz---Simcoe (13%AA) @ Steep/Whirlpool for 30 mins

1 oz-------Cascade (7.1%AA) @ Steep/Whirlpool for 30 mins

1 oz-------Centennial (9.1%AA) @ Steep/Whirlpool for 30 mins

1 oz-------Citra (11.4% AA) @ Steep/Whirlpool for 30 mins

1 oz-------Columbus (14%AA) @ Steep/Whirlpool for 30 mins

1 oz-------Nugget (13%AA) @ Steep/Whirlpool for 30 mins

2 oz-------Simcoe (13%AA) @ Dry hop 5-7 days

1 oz-------Centennial (9.1%AA) @ Dry hop 5-7 days

1 oz-------Chinook (13%AA) @ Dry hop 5-7 days

1 oz-------Nugget (13%AA) @ Dry hop 5-7 days


Chill to fermentation temperature, aerate well, pitch Gigayeast Vermont IPA Ferment at 66-68F for 7 days, allow to free rise to 70-72 for several days

Substitute 12 lbs Golden Light LME or 9.6 lbs Golden Light DME, but expect to lose some of the malt character that M.O. delivers.

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