In this episode, we have a discussion about the various techniques you might consider for chilling your wort after your boil and a few ways you can keep your fermenting beer temperature controlled. These are two areas that can and do make a large difference on your beer quality. We focus mostly on wort chilling and the ways you can accomplish the task. Ice bath chilling, immersion chillers, counterflow chillers, plate chillers, HERMS systems where the HLT is filled with ice water around the coil, we even hit no chill brewing and more! Hopefully everything you can think of as far as getting your boiled beer down to the proper pitching temps.

Chilling your wort well helps drop more solids out of the solution to result in a clearer beer, while also helping keep any nasties from getting in there and starting fermentation before you pitch your yeast. And even if your set of brewing tools are limited, we hope you can take something away that will help you make better beer.

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Correction: We referenced that we thought homebrewing guru Denny Conn was recently practicing no-chill brewing, but that statement is incorrect. It's a popular movement with some people and in certain places, but Denny has not practiced this method.