This episode covers several things, including why kettles are generally better than keggles for brewing, the good times we recently had in New Braunfels, TX at Guadalupe Brewing Co's third anniversary party, and a subject that many homebrewers are not aware of--keg and tap handle theft and the impact it has on the craft brewing industry.

In the couple of days before we recorded this episode, Jimmy Big Ears, Craig Gilbreath, and I (Greg) went down to New Braunfels where Jimmy was to speak about this subject during the third anniversary party of his friends at Guadalupe Brewing Co., while Craig aimed to represent Homebrew for Heroes. They had a low profile advertising campaign, but a great turn out of their loyal fans who thoroughly enjoyed their many specialty offerings and standards despite the oppressive Texas summer heat.

Jimmy didn't get a chance to speak at the event because it was just too busy, so in this episode he covers some of that territory. Keg and tap handle theft is real and a problem that's causing quite a ruckus down in Central and South Texas due to the need for breweries to increase their keg deposit prices to compensate for the overall loss of their property. Because of the changes in practice and price increase meant to protect the breweries, craft beer bars and restaurants are protesting and boycotting. Everyone is hurting because some individuals choose to keep the kegs they get at their local keg store or that they nab from their workplace to either sell, scrap, or turn into something else (for example, a keggle). So, basically because of the cost of missing kegs, you're going to see an increase in the prices for your favorite Texas craft beer.

While we were there, we all stayed at The Faust hotel and did a little bit of wandering around New Braunfels area. We'll discuss that and some of the other general attractions in the south/central area of Texas. It's a place where there's plenty of existing character--both historic and new--and a hotbed for the birth of new Texas breweries that helped spark the same in our part of North Texas. Plus, we also go over the differences we've seen between using a kettle instead of a keggle (because we've all owned and used legal keggles) and how you will definitely be saving yourself time, propane, and back pain by making a kettle your first choice for brewing at home.

Thanks for listening!

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