In this episode, we talk to JB Flowers, head distiller and production manager for The Acre Distillery LLC. They are a craft distillery that will have a grand opening August 2015 in downtown Fort Worth. Their facility is currently under construction as they remodel what used to be a steak house next to Malone’s Pub on Calhoun St across from the Fort Worth Convention Center and within short walking distance from the Fort Worth Intermodal Transit Station.

JB and other distillers are leading the way in a wave of craft distilled liquor production that is growing as fast as craft beer has grown for the last several years. So, to all of you who appreciate quality distilled spirits, keep your eyes open. Your selection is about to dramatically increase because they’ll have a full line up of spirits of all types, including specialties and bitters! And to all you homebrewers, you might just have a whole new avenue for sourcing barrels for aging.

Distilling is still not a legal home based hobby and for good reason, considering the dangers of alcohol vapors in enclosed spaces. But more and more craft-minded folks are attending schools related to distillation and you will soon see more small run craft distilleries opening across the nation. Which for you means better selection of high quality products and for your community it means an increase in jobs and income.

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