In this episode, we have Kevin Lane from Fermentis back in studio with us to tell us about some of the newer Fermentis products and have a discussion about getting higher attenuation out of your fermentations. He has some new things to tell us about and at least one of them (HA-18) is a serious weapon as far as getting an incredible amount of attenuation out of your higher ABV brews, so hopefully you’ll see it as a new option for your brewing toolbox soon!

Plus, we discuss a recent topic in the craft beer scene that's been a problem for a few breweries. Diastaticus "infections" causing packaging problems. Well, did you know that it's more common than you would think to find it in certain yeasts? Luckily, we had Kevin avaiable to enlighten us on the subject.

Be sure to check out the newer Safale BE-134 with a kit like our Lasalle's Saison or Jerrod's Ginger Saison. You'll love the way the yeast handles the recipe. And to get great attenuation that includes maltotriose, check into the Safale BE-256. Fermentis produces a variety of great products for all your fermentation needs!

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We weren't able to record the show live on the night of due to internet outage from a few drops of rain and some cold weather in Texas (it really doesn't take much). The video version will hopefully be available soon, but will have a portion without any image due to technical difficulties.