In this episode, we cover some previous territory and revisit the basics of packaging and priming to fill in some listener requests. We know that many of you have questions about the best methods and especially, how you might--and we stress might--be able to save something that didn’t turn out as planned. Plus, we also get into a new segment describing a few details about malts and the differences between some of what’s available that we will call Malt-o-Rama. Other than that, the usual shenanigans and arseholery that you all know and love us for.

First up, we regularly get questions about brewers' concerns when packaging their homebrew. Especially the problems they run into, whether it be kegging or bottle conditioning. There can be many things that happen, but we cover a few here that we hope will help you save a beer that isn't carbonating. After that, we speak at length about a handful of brands of base malt, crystal malt, and toasted and roasted malts including Briess Pale, Ireks Pale, Swaen Ale, Muntons Pale, Briess C-60, Ireks Teak 60, Crisp Light Crystal 60, Thomas Fawcett Brown, Thomas Fawcett Pale Chocolate, Briess Victory, and Swaen Coffee malts.

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