In this episode, we sit down to talk about a recent brew stand build our guys Derek Jones and Pete Walden completed (well, beyond tinkering). Then we go on to discuss the different possibilities you might consider when you decide to take that next step to a bigger and/or more badass system. There are plenty of ways and we'll go through a few of them. We hope you enjoy!

Derek's Rig Notes: I built the stand from 2"x2" square tubing with the top portion being framed inside with 1.5" x 1.5" square. I elected to use steel vs stainless due to material availability and cost. It's painted with high temp gloss black, which I can touch up as necessary vs the powder coating route which would require excess cost and resources at home. I'm using two Bayou Classic BG14 burners. One is set up with a VR8200a Honeywell which is LP converted and ran using RTD feedback via an Auber SYL PID temperature controller which tells the Honeywell when to fire. The pumps are regular Chugger Pumps with ball valves to control flow. (Never restrict the in). I'm using a 50' stainless coil that is great for the 10 gal batches but is a little tricky on 5 gal batches due to coil exposure. But if you fill it up past the required sparge volume, you can take care of this problem and then have extra hot water for cleaning.

Personal Takeaways: I have keggles now, but will soon upgrade to TBI Brew Pots. The keggles were free and work fine, but are very heavy and take too long to heat up. Also, looking for a set up that's a bit easier to clean. Weldless fittings are ok, but I prefer the leak free welded couplers.

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