In this episode, we discuss a recent hot topic in beer: East Coast IPAs vs West Coast IPAs. The IPA originated in England and was first updated into an American version on the East Coast, when American hops were used with English ale yeasts. Then, brewers on the West Coast grabbed it and took it to another level with hop character and bitterness and that became the generally accepted standard when anyone mentioned “an IPA”. But then the East Coast made a comeback that blended their original version with characteristics of the West Coast to create hazy, golden, malt-driven hop bombs that beer lovers fell in love with. And that’s when the battle began over which type was better. Here, we discuss both styles and brewing methods to get what you want out of each.

Mainly, the major difference between the two is that the East Coast often uses an English Ale yeast or a strain derived from an English ale yeast, that leaves more residual sugar and esters, while the West Coast usually uses a cleaner, drier yeast like the Chico strain. But they all use American hops or derivatives of American hops that have citrus characteristics like orange and grapefruit, and beyond that into tropical fruit flavors.

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