In this episode, we keep it style specific and spend the evening talking about one of our all-time favorites, the Imperial Stout. A favorite beverage for winter everywhere, even in Texas where it was 78 degrees the day before we recorded on the 28th of December and 60 on the day of the recording.

Beer lovers mainly choose Imperial Stouts because they are big, bold heavy hitter beers, whether that choice is the American or English version. Which makes the sytle the perfect accompaniment to any holiday gatherings with or without the family. But of course, especially with if any of that family gets on your nerves and you need a little social lubrication. So, we try to give it the praise it deserves while we try a variety of samples.

Among those samples? A 2 year old version based on the Prarie Artisan Bomb that Stubby brewed and stored away, along with three different versions of the same RIS recipe by our friend--and multiple local and national award winning brewer--Karl King. One brewed early last year, two brewed around March/April (one flat), and an aged version brewed around the same time the year before. 

So, kick back, grab an RIS and then get out there and brew one! Thanks for listening to another episode of Come and Brew It Radio! Be sure to share with your friends, rate and review us on iTunes and Stitcher, and send any ideas or comments to 

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