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Blichmann Fermenator Conical 14.5 Gallon NPT. The Fermenatorâ„¢ from Blichmann Engineering is the only weld-free interior fermentor on the market! The surface where the fittings penetrate is smooth, with no weld "ripples," so it's easy to sanitize. With weld-free fittings, you get the peace of mind that comes with clean, bacteria-free beer. Conical fermenters are great for using just a single vessel to do primary and secondary fermentation. Simply use the dump valve to remove yeast and sediment when primary fermentation is complete.

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ez racking Review by phillip
These are GREAT!!! My neighbor used them and I'm going to order two soon. I brew 18 gallons at a time into three 6.5 gallon carboys. I can't wait to get these. My buddy taps the sides of his during the sedimentation and then gasses CO2 into it when he drains the sediment. If you keg your beer and be a all grain then you need one of these. (Posted on 8/9/2016)

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